Elim Development Company Limited (Elim), business around wholesale, retail and export trade. Wholesale level in 2005 set up the brand of "Elim creative" (Elim ARTS) living products and gift series, to the Christian values-based, production, design, sales to Hong Kong, Macao and overseas markets. In addition to its own brand, but also general agent for the Christian-based books, audio-visual products, gifts and so on, more than 50 publishing houses, music distribution, and gift brands in Hong Kong and Macau market. Target customers are mostly Christian book rooms, churches, institutions, department stores and retailers.

Retail level, the direct operation and management of Hong Kong "Elim Christian Bookstore." At the present time, a total of six Elim branches, mainly located in Hong Kong Island, the Peak, Kowloon. Among the two branches in Jusco stores. Elim study mainly the sale of high-quality gifts, Christian-oriented books and audio and video products, now registered as a member of more than 4000 people.
Export trade, at present, actively seek opportunities Elim to overseas markets will be "Elim creative" of high-quality gifts extended to go overseas, including the overseas Chinese market and the non-Chinese market.

Elim and with various local and overseas churches, Christian institutions, such as cooperation, organized or co-organized various types of gospel and sermon, music, Bible, such as meetings or lectures. To prepare God's country revitalization, creating and equipment of Latter-day Saints, missionaries, the primary purpose of personal growth, co-hosts a variety of gatherings.

As we look to high-quality Christian gifts, books and audio-visual products through the wholesale and retail network, be able to borrow the experience of the local market, the global market, strategic thinking, and the main relied on the grace of God with the same at will of Jesus Christ Gospel, His great love and good information, spread to every corner of the world, and help has been the salvation of God were the sons and daughters, life more abundant growth.