We believe a great revival will come before the Lord's second coming.

This revival/restoration (Acts 3:21) will be seen at 3 different levels:

We've experienced waves of revival in recent years. Seeing a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Joel 2:23-24), restorations of church office and spiritual gifts, and establishments of Harp and Bowl 24-hour worship and prayer alters (Rev 5:8), all these remind us that His return is very near, right at the door (Mt. 24:32-33).

Prepare the way for the Glorious King! Our calling is to prepare His Church (Bride) ready to receive the return of her King (Groom.) (Mal 3:5-6; Mt 3:10-11)

Following waves of revival, we believe our commission and strategy are to be:

Via publications of newspaper and magazines, Christian music, as well as training workshops and conferences, we'll strive to fulfill God's commission to us.